Hey, I'm Océane, I'm 22, and I studying to become a scriptwriter. Yeah I know, it's not common. I'm French, I live in Paris and I'm a great fan of TV show, mangas, music, art in general. I'm team BAMON/KLAROLINE. My favourite show in all time is Game of Thrones.
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Anonyme a demandé: It seems liek you only ship bamon now and it make me sad cuz I love delena and you used to love it to.



i still ship delena (and probably always will) but honestly? the bamon fandom is just so much more fun. there’s so much less drama. it’s a lot happier. everybody is super welcoming and super supportive of each other and just nice to everyone. it’s what fandom should be. 

i can take ten minutes to throw together a shitty graphic of damon and bonnie singing 90’s karaoke and it makes people happy. there are lovely people like nisha making bamon/hammer mash-up gifs. tell me that’s not awesome? kendra is over there running the bamon shippers club and just being amazing to everyone- whether bamon’s their otp or a new ship for them. there are tons of multishippers so you never feel like a terrible person for also shipping delena or kennett or any other ship your heart desires. everyone is just great.

it’s just a happy place to be. multishipping is the best thing that ever happened to me.

plus… god said yes. 


A guy that helped people realize the most important thing in life.

To leave this world with no regrets.

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Some of the best celeb reactions to the Justin Bloom conflict. #TeamBloom

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Me and my sibling can go from




in like three seconds 


on a scale from disney to dreamworks what’s your sibling relationship



I worry for anyone who says Game of Thrones 

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Oh Bamily I think we can ALL agree that we will be pissed if TVD do not do Bamon justice in season 6 with all this hype . Am I right?


Unfortunately we are used to this disappointment BUT lets be honest No One i mean NO ONE will be more pissed then this guy right here


you know…

Seriously, Delena shippers... →



Guys, I really can’t understand your hate. You had 5 seasons for your ship, and damon is at the edge of his life because he had the girl, he had what he wanted. Now, TVD is trying to explore a different version in order to make some changes for the best. I don’t understand why a relationship…

I’m a Delena shipper BUT I will say I agree with you. Its EXHAUSTING having to defend your ship to everyone, and its truly embarrassing for me to see everyone around tumblr HATING on everyone else. in the end I’m a huge TVD fan, and after everything and no matter what they do i will ALWAYS love this show… nothing will beat it. and Ian is my favorite, I love Damon Salvatore and I always have so at the end of the day as long as I see his face on my Tv every Thursday wtf does it matter who that face is kissing or lovingly gazing at?

Kat Graham is AMAZING it wouldn’t be a shame (personally I have a hard time thinking it will happen after that finale BUT shit changes and it wouldn’t be the worst thing ever…just sad for the Gilberts) ya know if they’re together in the end. 

so let me go ahead and apologize for all the shitty Delena shippers who have been assholes to you and your ship.

we are all TVD lovers in the end and sometimes its easy to forget that.


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